His Creation and Destruction…

His Creation and Destruction…

As he watched I found myself becoming wetter with His desire.  My desire. The intoxicating mixture of him and me…that chemistry…that spark….that perfection.  I was his plaything tonight.  I was his performance piece…his theatre…his art.  He was the author, the playwright, the artist. I was his creation.

As I knelt up on my knees, my ass thrust back to him sharply, my fingers working progressively faster and firmer over my hard swollen clit I could hear him laugh with joy.  His work of art come to life, if you will.  As a joy filled theatre goer smiles and gloats with delight at the beauty being played out in front of his eyes on stage, so too, did my Sir’s spirits lift as he watched me perform for him to his exact specification – the act written entirely to his need – his hearts desire being created. 

I could feel my orgasm rising up to meet my needy fingers.  The glass dildo by my side calling me to help tip me over balance.  I knew where I wanted it, I knew how I wanted it….but would he let me or was this instrument of pleasure left there to taunt me? I had been awaiting his instruction for its use for near enough half an hour now…trying to hold off my climax until his say-so.  His eyes boring into me made my ability come oh so easy and so so sweet.  With his mind only on me as I play for his delight, the grip of orgasm appears and takes me over almost instantly.  

“Now” he commanded from behind me.  My hand was on it before his word was spoken…I thrust the cool glass shaft of the plaything into me to allow it take on the smooth slipperiness I knew I held within me, on me, dripping down me….before moving it backwards toward where it was needed most.  I think even he was surprised…he had never seen me in this state before.  So desperate to fulfil myself…usually this was done by him.  But without him, my own animal instincts over took and I quite forgot he was even there…but for his heavy, wanton breathing which served as nothing but a beautiful, melodic score to my over powering one act monologue – it merely further fuelled my passion and carried me ever forward toward my final climactic scene.  

As the head of the dildo push against me, to a place where only He may enter, I felt the surge of pleasure wash over in a heady wave…the exaggeration wideness of the head pushed me open and I gasped as I sunk down its length.  The coolness soothing my heat, the hardness pinning me to it…the fingers on my clit felt as though they were on fire as I pushed myself down its length and back up to it’s head..once again opening myself up and feeling the pressure…pleasure and pain…before once again forcing myself back down.  I could feel the glass cock deep within my body and the idea of this, coupled with my frenzied fingers and his fervent gaze built a pleasure which was utterly unstoppable.  I pushed my body up and down hard and fast, holding the end of the dildo to the bed allowing me full penetration…not a milimetre lost to a misplaced movement.  

He could sense I was more than on the edge…how could he not.  My moaning was that of a desperate woman…I was fighting the orgasm all the while my body ploughed on doing its very own act quite without my permission.   Were I real actor I would be fired for ignoring the directors instructions…but He knew…He knew I would not disobey knowingly and that the only thing to be done at this moment was to reward my efforts to holdback as opposed to allow it to continue and have to punish my disobedience.  Sweat dripping from the effort of fucking, of withholding and from my pre-orgasm; my breath hard and alive in my lungs…my heart pounding, no need for the orchestra…between us we were the entire soundtrack to this piece. And then his final words were spoken:

“Good girl…you have had enough…you may come”.  


The Unexpected Fantasy

The Unexpected Fantasy

As I stood there, I felt the cold pull at my nipples and force them to pucker.  I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand and my stomach clench to try and protect myself from the chill.  My wrists were shackled far tighter then before and my arms were arm high and straining.  This felt different to anything I had experienced before…this was not the work of my Dominant, even though I knew he was there…somewhere.

I stood there unable to see him as my eyes were covered.  My ankles were placed and shackled past hip width and I was naked. Completely.  I had entered the building blindfolded.  He had told me it was a treat for being such a good girl recently and that he wanted me to experience something I had always been intrigued about. As of yet, I don’t know which of my many varying, mildly depraved scenarios I was in line for, but naked and tied by a stranger was a great start. 

My senses were set to hyper sensitivity so as to catch every little detail which they had not yet potentially picked up on.  I knew there were people somewhere…I could laughter and muffled chatter coming from another area – perhaps down a hallway?  In the space I was in, it was silent.  I heard footsteps walk towards my back…I could sense that I was not far from a wall which I was facing.  I could smell dampness, which would also account for the chill in the air.  

I felt a hand flatten itself gently on the top of my spine and move down slowly finishing its journey on my lower back. I felt it move round to hold my waist on the right hand side of my body, then the left hand repeated the same action and came to rest in the opposing position.  From what I could tell, the hands were his but my senses were so thrown that whereas usually I would know exactly, on this occasion I was upset that I was less aware. Upset, whilst also hugely aroused.  

Confirmation came when the possessor of the hands moved their face to my right ear and whispered: “He’s here.”  So this was not my Sir…so who was it?  With that, the owner of the hands, and now the voice, took hold of my left hip as a grip and spanked me hard five times on my right ass cheek.  The unexpectedness of the onslaught was a hard line of pleasure and pain, mixed with confusion over whether I was allowed to enjoy pain at another man’s hands.  I came to the conclusion that it must be fine as my Spanker had told me that Sir was here…this was his scenario.  I relaxed a little. The next 5 spanks on the other cheek were more pleasant now that I had a) come to expect them and b) decided to enjoy the experience.  ‘Unaware and unsuspecting’ had always been a secret fantasy of mine…this pretty much fufiled that!

The stranger went away and I was left alone again until I felt another person approaching. This person I sensed was smaller, certainly smaller than myself, 6’3 in heels.  I was left in no doubt when two beautifully soft, petit hands moved their way from my neck down and around the outside of my breasts and swooped over my hips, my thighs, my calves, to my ankles.  She was in front of me so obviously I was far enough away from the wall to fit another human, albeit a smaller one.  She must have been on her knees by this point.  Who was she?  Another sub?  As i felt her hands move up the back of my legs now, I began to get a sense of what her plan was.  I looked down instinctively despite my blindfold just as her hands reached round and came to rest on my backside.  She smoothed and calmed the redness and heat brought on by the gentleman just moments before with her cool hands.

I felt her hair brush against my stomach and her lips kissed me just below my belly button.  Her soft warm tongue drew a line from the kiss straight down while her hands remained on my cheeks.  Despite having been pleasured by my Sir’s tongue countless times. experiencing a female’s version of the same technique was a shock – a beautiful, incredible shock.  Strike two on the fantasies list – Thank you Sir.

Her tongue was thorough and knew where to go to seek out and play with my pleasure.  Standing up was difficult as my knees buckled slightly when she began to focus on my clit with her tongue whilst also using her slender fingers on my g-spot.  This was certainly a new, gentler experience than I had ever had before but none the less mind-blowing for the softness.  As her tongue and fingers workedin tandem, I felt myself building up.  My stomach muscles, earlier clenched with cold now clenched as my growing orgasm developed second by delicious second.  I felt the stranger appear behind me and panicked for a second that he was going to fuck me…spanking is one thing, but I don’t want anyone else fucking me.  My pussy is His and His alone.  I was instantly soothed though by his hands which bent me forward a little so my arms were pulled up tighter and I was essentially dangling at my wrists.  He gripped me around my stomach with his left arm and began to spank me with the right, all while she, whoever she was, seamlessly continued her part in this scenario with barely a seconds’ transition to the new position I was now in.  The extreme sense of her pleasure and his pain quickly built and swirled my confused senses into chaos.  Her exqusiite fingers continued to play on my g-spot, her tongue sucking and circling my clit until I felt fit to burst…his spanks grew harder, the pain slipping into pleasure as my mind wandered from reality and got lost in the internal chaos, until the heat and pressure and extreme mix of all the onslaughts on my body joined together in the most explosive orgasm.  My mind was lost and I swirled for what felt like an eternity. I cried out for Him and I felt him come up behind me as the stranger moved away.  I collapsed forwards so my back was as horizontal as it could be with my arms yanked upwards.  Feeling him behind me was a relief and the rush of it made me want him more than I have ever wanted him.  

“Please?” I whispered hoarsely.  We had always said that if any fantasy were to come true, we would always finish with us.  My plea was for him to complete this fantasy as he promised.  He kept his promise.

She, in front of me, did not move away.  She stayed and she kept her fingers inside me in place whilst my clit was too sensitive to touch.  I felt warm oil dribble down between my as cheeks and finally, HIS fingers press against my favourite spot  As they entered me my body reacted as it is trained to and relaxed entirely.  My shoulders now aching from their position were given a moment of relaxation as some kind of natural chemical hormone was released from my brain and ran a marathon sprint through me, giving peace and calm to every joint and muscle in my body.  My knees buckled once again.  I felt his hands encircle my wait and lift me up a little. His quiet command, “Hold yourself up and stay still” shifted my mind and I felt myself eager to please him and fulfil his demands of me.  I tightened my leg muscles and stood, legs still spread, leaning forward just enough now.  

I felt his hands take my hips and his hard cock push again my ass and as I relaxed my upper body he eased into me beautifully.  He filled me up as he always does.  Sensing my newly re-fired need, She began to move her fingers on my g-spot just a little harder now.  And as he pulled back out of me, her thumb joined her playing and positioned itself on my clit which was now eager once again for attention.  

As he pushed back into me, a little rougher this time as my muscles relaxed and began to welcome him, she upped the game and soon I was begging.  Which of them I was begging to and what I was actually begging for is unknown…I was just aware of a voice, my voice, calling out “Please” and becoming more and more desperate as they continued their pace.  My words and my need shifted him up a gear and as I spiralled, pushing myself against her hand to get more satisfaction, I felt and heard his orgasm swiftly following.  As he came with me, his right hand let go of my hip and grabbed at my breast, pinching my nipple tight and offering me an extra few seconds of pleasure brought on by the sharpness of the pain.  We all slowed, after a time, I am not sure when exactly, I felt her fingers disappear but he stayed.  I felt him kiss my shoulders and my neck.  I felt him take the back of my head in his hands and lead it back to rest against his strong chest…I could feel his heart beating a fast paced rhythm.  

We stood.  We left. I was still blindfolded. I never knew who She was…who the stranger gentleman was.

But it ended with Us. 


The Unexpected Playdate

The Unexpected Playdate

As I sat cuddled to his chest, sipping my wine and quietly sighing with contentment I felt myself lifted and flipped over his knee.

Lifting my dress above my hips, he began lightly, one on each cheek, building to a soothing rhythm which i hoped would never end as I slipped quietly down to my recesses.  The force hardened, the pace quickened…a brief interval of caresses and soothing before starting again. 

This is how I like it – unexpected, un-required but totally needed.  Always wanted.  I could instinctively sense the moment when desire overtook his urge to spank. His free hand crept to my neck, into my hair – my head lifted from its downward facing position, replaced with a sharp up and back motion.  His breath quickened, his slaps becoming more insistent, firmer yet a tad more distracted…a final row of 10 on each reddened, screaming cheek and he was done. 

My body manoevered off his knees and my head twisted so desperate lips can meet. I straddle him so he can lift me, my hands grip his shoulders, his cup my backside firm as he stands.  Carrying me into the bedroom, he deposits me so I am bent over the end of the bed…hands placed shoulder width apart, feet a little further still, forehead press down into the mattress.  

I feel his tongue enter me from behind and I instinctively arch my back to allow a deeper angle. My breathing quickens, my clit swells, his fingers penetrating me and finding my g-spot tip me over an already dangerous edge.  I was never going to last long.  I am free to come as much as I like…I take him at his word. 

My first climax comes to a shuddering end and quickly picks up the pace again as his cock pushes into me.  He knows the angle I need, he knows the pace I like, he knows the words I want to hear.  As my breathing regroups and yet again builds, so does my orgasm as urgent, whispered words of encouragement greet me: “That’s right…good girl…are you going to come for me?”.  He asks the question, as ever, at the precise moment.  As a cry out lost in pleasure, I think my ‘Yes’ may be lost.  But he got the idea.

As my pussy pulses around him and I push back and away hard to match his pace and in a selfish attempt to successfully elongate my own orgasm, i feel his cock thicken and harden inside me and know he is coming too.  His hands in my hair, holding me firm fill me with another 10 seconds of bliss before it swirls and whistles away as if on a passing, summer breeze. 

Another beautifully successful play date.