The Voyeur’s Pleasure

The Voyeur’s Pleasure

I wrote this for a client but it was far too long (I get all carried away with sex blogs!) Enjoy! 

My client next is a salesman, just over for the weekend on business, and of course he called for his regular girl. As he arrived I found myself quickly doing the final touches: to my hair, my lips, a slight extra boost of my gorgeous smooth assets for his viewing pleasure and I find my nipples hardening at the prospect of todays meeting.

I welcome him in with a light-as-a-feather kiss on his warm lips and I take his coat. One look at my overspilling bra, my body embraced in a black satin and lace shortie robe and he is more than ready for me. I feel powerful with him – this is how he likes it. I place his coat on the stand and walk toward him, hands moving from the slippery smooth satin on my thighs up to my waist, gently caressing my cleavage, paying special attention here just for a moment longer than necessary and with a quick approving glance down at them myself so he knows just how gorgeous I think I am, I bite my lip and dip my hand back down again, this time burying my fingers between my legs. I’m entirely smooth for him – he knows this and I see his eyes darken as he imagines his tongue working over the exact place my own hand is currently stroking.

I know this torture is killing him: I love it, he loves it – this is what he pays for. A woman to be a fantasy, to be exactly what he needs for an hour before heading back to reality where life is not always so kind, girls aren’t always so giving and getting one to cum is hard work. Here with his me he is King. Right now, I am his slave, doing his bidding and giving him what he wants and needs.

The bath is run and I beckon him to follow with my still slick fingers, before placing them in my mouth and sucking, closing my eyes briefly to show what he is missing out on – the taste of me on his tongue. I slide the silk robe down my back, unveiling my beautiful, smooth skin inch by inch. He is standing at the door way watching, the outline of his erection entirely visible as it presses hard against his suit trousers. I turn to face him as I unclip my bra and in one movement my breasts are free of their shackle and sitting heavily and perfectly against my body – they are large – this is what he needs. Panties off with a cheeky wiggle of my behind in his direction and one more quick pussy ‘check’ just to prove to him just how wet I am for him, I slide in to the bath as he walks over to seat himself right beside me on the chair, perfectly placed by me before his arrival for the ultimate viewing position. Before sitting he undoes his belt, unzips and releases himself. I gasp, as always, he likes that reaction. He told me that once and I never forgot it – in fact I never forget a clients’ preference. I like to make my clients happy and to do that I listen, pay attention, learn and never, ever forget.

He smiles and sits. The bubbles are up to my breasts and they sit warmly and juicily on the top of the hot, sweet scented water. I start by filling up the pretty jug I keep by my bath and pour the soapy, warm water over my now tingling breasts. I know I am getting turned on – voyeurism is my sweet spot. I go on to all fours, refill the jug and slowly pour its contents over my slick backside and moan a little as I do it – a genuine moan because not only does the hot and silky water feel good on my skin, he is now gripping himself and slowly moving his hand up and down his hard shaft. I love to watch him – we all have our own kinks and mine is watching and being watched, whether that is as part of an orgy or simply one on one. As long as there are at least one pair of eyes burning into me as I play with myself, I am one happy girl.

I know by this point he is not far off. My attention turns to my breasts which are now desperate for the pleasure they know they are about to receive – literally.

I grip them both in my hands, (far,far more than just a handful) and begin to circle them languidly, smearing the bubbles all over them – first one way and then the other. I moan as I put pressure over my nipples which love the sensations my fingers are giving them. I breathe deep and slow, moaning as I exhale – his moans are building to match mine now. His hand is moving furiously against his now rock solid cock. I tell him what I want from him – the only thing i ever really, truly want from him by this point – for him to come on me. His growled response of “I’m close” sends a shiver through my own body which echoes with the pleasure I’m getting from circling my button hard nipples.

His eyes are closed now, which I know can mean only one thing…his breathing heavy, I see his heart pounding in his chest, his forehead is beaded with sweat from the heat of the room and the sight of me naked, wet and playing with myself in the bath for him, and only him.

Suddenly his eyes shoot open, he cums.
A perfect aim – as ever.