Submissive Memories…The Deleted Scenes

Submissive Memories…The Deleted Scenes

Just us.

Last night was my first night with him as my dominant & only my dominant, and me as his sub and sub alone.

Just us.

No future, no sleeping over… No feelings? No emotions?  No point?

Not so much.  The old feelings came back – when he touched me or held me (briefly) or kissed me (minimally) they flooded back.  They made my tummy flip and my heart beat momentarily quicker.  I wanted to just look at him and remember him, however much it would hurt my heart.

 And then sub took over and in to space I fell.

Spanking started, which made me weak – I missed it.  Followed by thinking time hog tied in my black pleated skirt, white cotton shirt and bra, ass up.  I went through my misdemeanors list in my head, then simply enjoyed the silent vibrating in my white cotton panties from my bullet vibrator.  After waiting for so long for release it was hard not to lie back and just go with it.  Well I did a little – but not enough.

On his return, paddling me with the long handled, hard, wooden brush took me to the next level – the pain stopped and pleasure took over.

I can’t always make it to that ‘place’ during a session – sometimes it’s just darkness and pain…

But moments after, it was over his fingers which did nothing to stem my growing need to come – hitting all my favourite places – slick and delicious and definitely needed.  The command not to cum only elicited more need to do exactly that.  I did well though.

Hair in his grip and made to crawl (my inner pet makes my stomach tremble just imagining her being allowed out – she is my new favourite) i was placed on tippy toes by the fridge while he cooked for me, every now again being brought to the brink, spanked and then left again.  Oh torture – i love it.  I just can’t help moving my ass subtly in his direction hoping for a little more attention.  I got it – ice cube lubricated in mouth before being placed in my ass made me think twice about shifting myself in his direction unasked for.

Any new sensation is a gift though.  I want it all.  

The command to suck his cock was such a delight I practically came there and then…impatient as ever I felt my need growing before finding myself in my favourite place – on my knees.  Hard cock in mouth.  Sucking and playing and utterly in my element – thoroughly distracting him from cooking.  Even if only momentarily.

Feeling him hold my hair and head in place while i sucked brought out my little slut – she just loves it.  Rougher the better.  I love her headspace too.  Feeling and hearing him cum, and tasting him and showing him with mouth open put me in a good place for what was to come – although i just wish he could have fucked me there and then.  Instead, leading me back to the fridge, he made me beg…i love to beg…and then he made me cum.

At last…I felt myself let go of my mind, fall heavily against him, and sink into his arms which held me safe while I flew….


Pet came out during dinner – on my knees, hair gripped hard in his hands, he fed me.  Yes Sir – that ‘wry smile’ was sheer pleasure at you letting me have her out her cage, despite it being in response to a cheeky comment.  I’m still getting my head around Pet as a headspace.  I am trying to work out what I love about her – but in the right hands, and the right grip, she is amazing.

I needed more more more. So long without a Dominant, my submissive had become desperate for release that no amount of toys could fulfil.  I needed him.

I was denied.  


10 ways Daddy makes me feel like his Baby girl

10 ways Daddy makes me feel like his Baby girl

Love this – so sweet. Miss playing with my Little

Babygirl's Corner

Task 2 from WWA. Thank you my sweet friend. This one isn’t as easy, and will be a long post. ❤️

1. Protects me from the icky boys out there.

I read on one if those cutesy Daddy dom things some rules and one said protect Baby girl from the icky boys. I thought it was cute and sweet but that doesn’t really apply. I was wrong. I had a person who said they are a Dom and a Daddy but they way they talked to me (on twitter) was rude and disgusting. I showed Daddy right away and he told him he was not a Dom or a Daddy or at least not a good one if that was how he was going to talk to a Baby girl. It made me feel good to be protected.

2. Stuffies

When Daddy knew he was going to travel he picked…

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