King To My Queen

King To My Queen

Just found this poem written in September…


You were just you, but now you are

My everything and more

Without your strength and guidance

Id be lost as I was before.

Though I didn’t expect you to mend me

To counsel or to heal

your love gave me space to breathe again

To feel whole, complete and real.

The world began to make sense again

You were sent to make me see

Though I’d been damaged before, and broken

What remained was not truly me.

The shell must have been knocked,

Of the armour I’d built up

As it failed to protect me from you

From your unquestioning accepting love.

I never meant to fall, 

I was hard to it I thought,

But my heart had other plans for me

I needed to be taught…

That just because some must men fail

And must abdicate the crown

There are others out there, just a few

 Who will never let you down.

And these ones are as rare and sweet 

as a precious gem or stone.

So now you are simply not allowed 

To step down from your throne.

Your strength made me queen once again

I am purposeful and sure

And I thank you for your unquestioning self 

Your love all mine and pure