For My Fellow Subs…Don’t be Afraid To Be Strong

For My Fellow Subs…Don’t be Afraid To Be Strong

Sub’s, I feel I need to say something.

I get so many beautiful emails and comments from my followers…I feel blessed to have found a place here where I can inspire other submissives to follow the life they have craved.

But I now feel it is a good moment to place a fair warning.  I hear from submissives who find themselves feeling weak after a relationship with a Dominant has ended (and some even when with their Dominant worryingly), and this makes me very sad and very concerned for the submissives in question – it is as though they are fogetting the power within a submissive.

I too have gone through the ending of such a relationship…(as many of you have followed in this blog).  The most intense sub/Dom experience imaginable as he was also much more than that I’m realising in hind sight…and although the ending was a decision taken out of my hands due to my having a child and he not wanting to be a part of his life, it still ripped my heart to shreds after years of being hurt by other men, then finally finding solace in the arms of a strong capable person and then even he letting me down.

So because I know what this experiene is like first hand I want to offer hope and support to submissives out there who are finding things tough.  I recently commented with this reply to a sub…and I wanted to share it with thie community so that you can see another alternative way of looking at yourself and your life choices as a submissive….here is what I replied:

“Try and find strength – it is a wonderful thing to have been able to find this new part of You [your sub]…whether he is around to enjoy the ride or not! Think how strong sub is! What she can endure…what she chooses to do and be…don’t think that the strength you have as submissive comes from him, because it doesn’t…it comes from within you.  He has given you a great blessing by opening you up to this side of yourself…and now the best thing is you get to love and protect your little inner sub for the rest of your life with or without a dominant around.  Of course it’s wonderful to have that part of you nurtured and loved [by a loving Dominant]…and if that’s what you need then that is what you will find.  But you until then you need to keep your energy positive and vibrant…a good Dominant, as in a positive role model Dominant, won’t be drawn to a broken submissive. Only a negative, energy sucking dominant who is in it for the power trip and for his own ends will be drawn to a vulnerable broken sub.

So get comfy as You…draw strength from her. Develop her in your own mind, learn who she is and what she wants and needs, without a Dominant for now, so that when you do find someone, you won’t just be with the first dominant male who comes along…you will truely know what you need from them, and not just be with them out of sheer desperation and need.
See the strength I take from mine?  She is MY little girl first and foremost…and no dominant, however strong and positive and wonderful can take that responsibility I now have toward her away from me.  I can choose to allow him to play with my sub of he is the right man…but she will always be mine to take care of…so you must find a way to gain inner strength from and with her…not just allow her to be needy and desperate for love and attention and therefore at risk of being taken advantage of my any man who comes along saying he is a Dominant.”
Submissives, I am so much stronger for the experience I had, and now I am through to the other side and without him I am still happy…in fact I’m more in my power and more ME than I have ever felt in my life.  We often come to submissivehood when we are at a loss…when we are vulnerable, and being submissive filled a need in us, a gap…we are floundering and suddenly there is a person who will tell us what to do and when and how…it’s like a dream and we fall for it as though it is reality.
It is wonderful and magical and a blessing to find your ineer sub…but you are more than her…find what else you can be.  Any good Dominant would want this for his submissive, so whether you are partnered or alone – do it.
Find yourself beyond the shackles.
If you have any questions, worries, fears, queries…email me any time [email protected]