The Fire

The Fire

The fire in my belly was only fuelled further by his fingers within me reaching up as if to stoke it…I had dreamed of this moment for many months…when I would finally be his.  We had talked on the phone, online, on text…fuelling our fantasties and lust with words, and thoughts and dreams…but the moment his fingers pressed against my g spot for the first time, the days and weeks of longing and yearning were lost to me.

I was lost to the world…lying back on the bed, legs spread, knees up, as requested, hands held fast above my head by my slim wrists which he so easily clasped in one hand.  My mind was wavering between reality and fantasty as his delicious fingers worked on…building up the flames in me, before retreating just for a moment to allow me to simmer back down…growing the need in me slowly so as not to allow the explosion of to go off too quickly…I tried to come back to earth a little, savour the moment, but all I could focus on, it seemed, was on his fingers….where they were in relation to me, where they were stroking, how fast or slow they were fucking me…how close they were getting me to the edge of my abyss before cruelly and so expertly pulling me back again before the fall rose up to catch me.

Unexpectedly he removed his fingers from me entirely and brought them to my mouth… and as I wantonly licked and sucked my own wetness from them, savouring every last drop, I looked up innocently from under my lashes into his eyes and felt my stomach drop and grip with need at their heavy, decadent darkness.

That look, which I could have never have hoped to replicate in my many many fanatsies about him, and as he brought me to endless orgasms with his silky voice and hotly depraved words on the phone and skype…and although he had watched me come many times this way, he had never yet allowed me to watch him, but the look in his eyes told me that perhaps the moment may not be far off now…and at that thought, and as his fingers forced their way back between my legs for my finale, my back arched and I found my voice as I cried out in desperate need of release.

His fingers…his gorgeous, clever fingers which I already adored, found my sweet spot, and with his thumb over my clit, began to work their magic on my body, rubbing my g spot, spreading me painfully yet so deliciously wide as yet another finger found room to enter me, and smoothly rolling over and over my clitarus.  I felt to full…I felt so alive…I felt overwhelmed and entirely on fire….my whole body desperate.  I unwittingly fought against his hands on my wrists as my body attempted to all but fly from the bed with the energy being catapulted around within it…I could feel my mind dropping into a whole other dimension…I oped my eyes wide, and found his staring directly down at my face…and I was hooked, right there, on that darkness, which was greater still as my own orgasmed neared.  I looked straight into his eyes as his fingers did their final count down…my eye lids hooded with desire, my lips swollen with the lustful energy caught inside me and my cheeks pink from the exertion…my orgasm began much like any other I had given myself for him online…but then he removed his hands from wrists and pushed two fingers into my asshole which was now soaking wet from my dripping pre cum, whilst simultaneously dropping his fine lips to my nipples and sucking and biting my breasts, nipples and my favourite sweet spot, my neck, as I writhed and screamed and moaned, and babbled my thanks and my need and desperately cried out to god over and over…I felt myself become lost in him and his energy as the orgasm peaked for what felt like simultaneously forever and a second…I could have stayed at that high for the rest of my life.  As the peak began to decend but as pleasure still wracked my hot and exhasuted body, he looked back up into my eyes.  They were glazed and glassy…his need for me entirely obvious and it sent me skyrocketing for one final chrescendo.

As he removed his fingers from my ass I took a sharp intake of breath…both from the senstiivity I still felt there and from the sadness of loss…I suddenly felt very empty as his other hand left my now beyond soaking pussy and once again fed me my own wetness.  I felt down to where I lay and noted that the sheets were soaked…I had come excrutiatingly hard.  Now it was his turn.

Not yet knowing what he wanted from me exactly, this being our first meeting, I allowed myself to be manouvered to his liking.  I found myself stood up facing backwards against a hip height dark wood chest of drawers. He placed my hands precisely where he wanted them, either side of my ass cheeks, before he proceeded to lift me, one leg at a time and wrap them around his waist.  I placed weight through my hands, now seeing the importance of the correct positioning here.

His cock, very obviously ready for me, took 3 shallower dips into me before finally managing to plunge in deep, filling me right up in ways his fingers could never have achieved.  I gasped loudly, and moved one hand from the chest of drawers in shock and slight pain, placing it on his shoulder for support.  He instantly stopped, looked at me, looked at my hand and I took that as my cue to replace it back where it needed to be and not move it again…

He began to fuck me, using my hips to pull me back and forwards on to him, deeply and urgently.  Although I was wet, his size created some discomfort in this postion, but soon the pleasure over took this and even added to it, and I began my incline to orgasm.  He told me to lower myself now on to my elbows, so carefully, and whilst he slowed his thrusts and moved his hands to grip my ass cheeks, I found myself in one of the most intensely sensation filled positions of my life….from this angle his cock simultaneously hit and rubbed against my g spot over and over again…there was no getting away from it…it was overwhelming and almost painfully pleasuresome.  I gasped and struggled to breathe as my body fought the sensations…”Too much” I begged…”Too much” but he knew exactly what he was doing…instead of slowing, he sped up.  And within five seconds I was coming harder than I had ever come before.

As my head fell back, and my bare neck and breasts lifted up as my back arched to further get more phsyical contact with his cock on my g spot, I felt him get bigger and fuller within me, his thrusts getting shorter, sharper, harder and more demanding….his breath being strangled with arousal.  I lifted my head in my mid orgasmic haze and now it ws my turn to send him spiralling….my desperate look of need and desire mixed with me pushing my hips hard back on to his cock so as to fill me up more and harder was his final push…his eye lids closed briefly, before opening fast and flashing darkly at me as his orgasm broke through his entire body.  I peaked again at the new rhythmic energy which now hit my g spot and filled my pussy entirely, and to the hilt.

I suddenly found myself unexpectedly pushed back right back against the wall with the top of my back, and my ass and pussy exposed wantonly as they were thrust forward to the front of the dresser, and from there his final few thrusts into me were teamed with a look so dangerously dark and wanting that it set my heart pounding, and, despite the sheer exhaustion of pleasure I had just experienced, I found the flames of my need were newly awakened and I was entirely desperate for more…


We Have Lift Off

We Have Lift Off

I am so excited to say I finally have a website…

I am working now with submissives on a private basis as a guide and confidante.  This work is free – it is important for me to do this as I am a professional life coach in other areas…but I need to know I am doing my part to keep my glorious fellow submissives safe when in a vulnerable position mentally, emotionally and physically..

For more information on this, to see my lovely new site or to contact me follow this link

All my love

True Sub