Because He Is Mine. Addicted To A Memory

Because He Is Mine. Addicted To A Memory

The warm breeze crossed my skin and made me shiver with its silky touch.  I looked up and over the balcony to view the skyline as it cascaded off into the distance – lights of all colours blinking and glittering far below me.  The occasional car horn or screech of tyres were the only sounds I could make out from the real world which went on below us as we remained locked away in our own fantasy world up here in this beautiful penthouse apartment.

Night flight.jpg

We’d already spent two nights locked away from reality, lost in our own world.  The first time in a long time either one of us had felt truly complete again.

I felt his presence moving toward me from behind, and I shivered again, but this time from his powerful energy which stalked me like the arrogant, alpha, predatory panther like creature he was.  A sharp predator in the world which went on down there – but up here with me, the sharpness left him, there was no need for it – leaving him as his true self for me to play with – a gentle dominant with a power in him which scared me in the most tantalisingly delicious way.  As he fed me and held me tight to his warm skin I felt loved and oh so protected by this beautiful creature – but as I stepped out my silk slip, his eyes would change in an instant with a dangerous wildness which gave me goosebumps and would force me to look away and drop to my knees in instant submission to his sheer overwhelming dominance.

And right now, as I felt him walk up behind me as I stood out here catching my breath in this beautiful, roof top oasis of solitude for us, the hairs on the back of my neck lifted, I shivered deeply and divinely and instinctively and involuntarily dropped my head backwards just a moment, perfectly timed for it to lean back on to his shoulder as he placed his arms either side of me on the rail and gently pressed me up against the balcony, and here we remained for a moment, overlooking the bustling city which continued to live on far below us up here in this place where time ceased to exist.

Placing his hands on top of mine upon the white railing which ran the length of the balcony, I felt his lips gently bite below my left ear lobe and his tongue run silkily and smoothly down my neck to the end of my shoulder, where he began to bite, with more force this time, before retracing his steps back up to my neck.


I caught my breath and then sighed deeply – emitting a slight unexpected moan from the back of my throat as his next bite, which he mixed with the grabbing of my hair on the right hand side of my head and the pulling down and back of my head caught me off guard. With my balance slightly off in that unexpected moment, I felt my body rest heavily against him and his own strong body standing firm behind me, supporting me, as he always does.  His right hand takes another swift grab for my hair, this time catching all of it into a rough ponytail, allowing him to now easily manoeuvre me.  His left hand now lifts to catch my throat, holding me tightly in place, leaving me leaning hard back against him, breathless, not just from the tightness at my neck, but also from the sheer exhilaration of being with him – being his – the releasing of worry, anxiety, and the pressure of the realities of whatever is down there below us where life continues to flow.  This is our escape.  And whether we get an hour or a week together, the divine feeling of leaving behind the world never fails to make its impression upon my mind.  He is my escape.

I feel him silently request my legs spread as his foot pushes my own outwards.  I do as I am requested, of course, and gladly sink forward towards the rail as I feel the hand in my hair begin a downward pressure, and the other hand release from my throat, and instead run down the soft, naked skin of my back, coming to rest at the base of my spine.  A gentle pressure here tells me that this is where he wants me.  His other hands now moves between my legs and into me where he finds me wet, hot and desperate to be taken by this wild creature I get to call Mine.


Placing his now soaking fingers into my mouth for me to taste, I can feel him hard and ready to slip deeply and divinely into me.  As I suck, and lick and take his fingers further in my mouth, I close my eyes as he pushes into my hot body and finally our two body’s are rejoined as they should be.  Whether by tongue, by fingers, by gaze or in this, the most primal of all ways for two souls to come together, we are better when we are one.  The attempt to escape the world is complete – we are free – we are deeply, and decadently free together.  And as he continues his rhythmic pace, and I can feel him further within me, his hands on my waist now, pulling me back in and away, again, over and over against the length of his beautiful hardness, I open my eyes and look up at those twinkling lights and take in the surreal-ness of my surroundings.  My fantasy lives on here – wherever we are – wherever this is, whenever we are together.  My mind spins, and becomes hazy.  Lost in the magic of sensation, I feel the length of my hair once again taken roughly, twisted once around his hand, and then pulled backwards so that my head is suddenly sharply drawn back, and there are the stars in the night sky.  The pressure of his hand now resting on my lower back means I spread my legs a little further and sink a little deeper down so that now my chin is level with the rail along the balcony.  And he leads me up and down his length with the hand in my hair; my heady, hazy mind gets lost in the sensations, and I feel my body begin to pulsate from within my very core as he moves again and again over my g spot; his breathing heavy, the occasional involuntary moan is released from deep within his throat, and I close my eyes and allow the deep dark movement of my orgasm to grow and build upwards from my pussy, through my now convulsing core muscles, up to my heart and to my mind, where behind my eyelids, my climax explodes, and the glowing lights of my surrounding view is the least of my interest.  As my animalistic groan of intense pleasure builds within me and I release my body and mind up to the sensation of it, I feel his own pleasure moving ever closer and he becomes larger still within me…his movements becoming jerky, one moment he is forced deep inside me, the next he is nearly all the way out, stretching me open in the most delicious way with the hot hard width of the head of his cock, and I am lost.  I feel my body rhythmically trying to match his movements, and find myself pushing back and slamming my asscheeks against his legs to gain more depth, more friction.  The final release of pressure within me is waiting to implode with his own orgasm, and as he begins to peak, I cry out…I lose sense of where I am, not that it matters, we are flying so high above the city up here…the only creatures to hear me are the night birds which circle above us on their way to their beds. His hand in my hair loosens, as his orgasm reaches its final destination – that final moment, the ultimate deep high before you know it’s too soon coming to a close…but with this final ricochet of pleasure through him, with both hands he grabs me around my throat, and forces me one last time down deep and hard on to the full length of him, and I feel the pressure of him inside me and wallow in this sensation, with the realisation that I don’t know when I may feel this again…if ever.  And so I squeeze my internal muscles around him and breathe in deep, taking in the now cooling air of the night into my hot exhausted lungs, and as I breathe out slowly and heavily, I feel his body relaxing, and his hands dropping from my throat and relaxing back down on to the rails of balcony either side of mine; and he leans over, his breath ragged.  My head now rests side ways down on to the coolness of the rail…not comfortable per se, but I want to relax and take in this final moment of us being one.  I look ahead from this sideways angle and see the lights of the city over in that direction too, and before I close my eyes and he withdraws from me, perhaps for the final time, I become deeply aware of how my entire being feels in this moment…from what I can see, hear, sense and feel, and, flicking my eyes up to meet his, just for a moment, I take in that look of darkness he has moments after he has come deeply within me – his air of predatory wildness, and his energy which screams of his pursuit of pleasure; pleasure which I know my body can fulfil in him more than anyone else’s could…because he is Mine…