The Unexpected Playdate

As I sat cuddled to his chest, sipping my wine and quietly sighing with contentment I felt myself lifted and flipped over his knee.

Lifting my dress above my hips, he began lightly, one on each cheek, building to a soothing rhythm which i hoped would never end as I slipped quietly down to my recesses.  The force hardened, the pace quickened…a brief interval of caresses and soothing before starting again. 

This is how I like it – unexpected, un-required but totally needed.  Always wanted.  I could instinctively sense the moment when desire overtook his urge to spank. His free hand crept to my neck, into my hair – my head lifted from its downward facing position, replaced with a sharp up and back motion.  His breath quickened, his slaps becoming more insistent, firmer yet a tad more distracted…a final row of 10 on each reddened, screaming cheek and he was done. 

My body manoevered off his knees and my head twisted so desperate lips can meet. I straddle him so he can lift me, my hands grip his shoulders, his cup my backside firm as he stands.  Carrying me into the bedroom, he deposits me so I am bent over the end of the bed…hands placed shoulder width apart, feet a little further still, forehead press down into the mattress.  

I feel his tongue enter me from behind and I instinctively arch my back to allow a deeper angle. My breathing quickens, my clit swells, his fingers penetrating me and finding my g-spot tip me over an already dangerous edge.  I was never going to last long.  I am free to come as much as I like…I take him at his word. 

My first climax comes to a shuddering end and quickly picks up the pace again as his cock pushes into me.  He knows the angle I need, he knows the pace I like, he knows the words I want to hear.  As my breathing regroups and yet again builds, so does my orgasm as urgent, whispered words of encouragement greet me: “That’s right…good girl…are you going to come for me?”.  He asks the question, as ever, at the precise moment.  As a cry out lost in pleasure, I think my ‘Yes’ may be lost.  But he got the idea.

As my pussy pulses around him and I push back and away hard to match his pace and in a selfish attempt to successfully elongate my own orgasm, i feel his cock thicken and harden inside me and know he is coming too.  His hands in my hair, holding me firm fill me with another 10 seconds of bliss before it swirls and whistles away as if on a passing, summer breeze. 

Another beautifully successful play date.