The First Paddling

I had to work myself up to this.  I must admit…I was a little apprehensive about the heavy, solid, wooden paddle resting by my bed waiting for my backside.

 I got myself into the right headspace to deal with the pain which I knew would soon be coming my way – although I trusted that as it was my first time with such an implement he would go easy – as he had with my first real spanking session.  I recalled how I longed for more spanks on my reddening derriere after that, so perhaps this would be the same?

 I sat in my submissive position quietly for the ten minutes before he arrived, silencing my thoughts and allowing sub to come forward and take over.  She was so ready for this…but other aspects of my being were less prepared and I felt my legs weaken a little as I stood up to let him in.  I passed it off in my head as my just feeling a little weak from the kneeling position I had been in…but it’s hard to fool your own mind.

 As before, he came straight in and into my room which was darkened except for a lamp on the bedside which was dimmed down sensually by two feathers around the bulb.  He instructed I kneel while he hung up his suit and got out the tie, which was to be my binding that evening.

 I knew why I had been instructed to buy the paddle.  I knew what was coming – and the lines I was instructed to write 100 times said it all:

“I must obey my dominant in public.”

 Before he went away I had walked away from him late at night on our way home.  I had been upset by something he said and snatched my hand away and walked. In the haze of wine I had forgotten my place – I had forgotten who he was to me and what I was to him.  Precious.  Something to be protected, and by walking away in the dead of night, and then refusing to return to him meant

I had set myself up for a tougher punishment.


He instructed me to lay on the bed, face down with a pillow lifting up my backside.  With my wrists being bound behind my back for the first time as a sub, I felt my mind shift and deepen as the sub zone kicked in.

I relaxed in to the soft mattress and allowed myself to just let go. 

The next thing I felt was something wrap my head and my vision was gone.  The blindfold was something else new and only heightened every single sweet sensation of his fingers down my back and his hands rubbing my bottom before starting a spanking warm up.  A warm up I was very grateful for.


Before I zoned out entirely and the bliss of spanking overtook I felt him move away and heard him lift the paddle brush up.  The next thing I felt in my bound and blindfolded state of high adrenalin and sensation was the smooth , flat brush head stroke across my skin…before it lifted and smacked down.  The sting was sweet and welcome.  The same on the other cheek.  Beautiful release and pain.  I took a deep breath and found myself eager for the next contact…5 more on each cheek.

He was going easy – I could tell, but after the full 6 on each side he instructed:

“I want you to count the final ten and thank me for each one”.

 He began…”One, Thank you Sir…Two, Thank you Sir, Three, Thank you Sir…”


So bitter sweet…so sensual and sexy and seductive and…by the final one I was writhing in pain as the paddle hit my reddened, hot skin but the second it was done I felt a new sensation. One of my 6 inch vibrator venturing its way between my butt cheeks and down to my now wet, warm pussy where he played for a moment before positioning it inside, kissing my forehead and leaving me.

Bound…alone…sore…wet…no way of knowing what time was passing.

 I lay there, my thoughts buzzing and quietening down, then vibrating through my mind again before silencing…the bullet between my thighs throbbing and making me try to push against it, eager for the pleasure to pulse against my g spot.

He returned after perhaps ten or fifteen minutes.  By then I was desperate.  He unbound me and allowed me free.  I felt deflated…was that it? The grand finale of my first paddling?  Of course not.

He allowed me into the kitchen where he was cooking dinner for us.  He commanded me to face the wall and wait instruction.  My mind was reeling – I was torn between demanding his sexual attention as my old self would and enjoying the sensation of freedom which submission afforded me.

The command to lean against the fridge, naked bottom out and head resting on clasped hands was still of little interest to my over charged, turned on mind.

I needed him to touch me in some way.  


By that point, I was so sensitive that even a gentle caress would have sufficed…I needed my dom’s attention.  His hand trailing up my thigh and touching my clit did the job.  He spread my thighs with his fingers’ gentle, silent commanding push and finally…blissfully, he was inside me and pushing again the spot which caused gorgeous waves of much needed, desperate pleasure.

My moans of heaven were swiftly silenced when he stepped away, taking with him those dedicated, attentive, sensual, talented fingers which replaced their job of pleasuring me with stirring dinner! Left to groan quietly in defeat and desolation at the loss, he repeated this process of bringing me to the absolute edge of heaven around 6 or 7 times.  By then, sub was in full control and thriving.  My body had relaxed to the point that I was directing my backside toward him in the hope of a touch and when I was rewarded I found myself, carelessly grinding on his hand desperate for release.

Finally I was given what I so badly, painfully needed… 

That night I became very well acquainted with my fridge.